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Best Web Design Agency inUK

Website Design

We build websites with one intent: to make your business stronger. Our web designs deliver great results. They look great too and provide an engaging user experience to support your brand.

Whether you’re launching a new business, or working hard to beat the competition, we’ll listen to what you need and focus on what matters.

A website from Anika Digital means a website that’s attractive and easy to navigate, drawing in readers and enhancing conversion rates. Our team of web designers make sure your website works hard for you, 24/7.

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Top Web Development Company in UK

Web Development

Our website developers create websites that are robust and versatile. We’ll ensure that the ‘technical build’ is supremely functional and elegant, making it easy to provide a great experience for both you and your customers.

We’re specialists in websites using WordPress, and those built from scratch with Laravel and PHP.

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Content Writing

Anika Digital offer an additional content and copywriting service. Engaging and crystal-clear copy will get your message straight to your target audience.

We’ll work with you to fine tune your tone of voice and online persona - keeping readers on your website and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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Top Web Hosting Company in London

Web Hosting

We provide a reliable website hosting service, ensuring our websites are secure, fast and stable. Clients range from startups to large organizations and PLCs, so whatever your requirements you can be sure we’ll understand what you need.

Our emphasis is always on making sure that your website functions fully, 24/7, so our provision includes security, (including SSL certification) and robust systems for backup. We manage domain names and will support you through website set-up or transfer to our service.

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SEO - We make sure your website ranks well on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way we make sure your website is visible to search engines and ranks well in internet search results matching your products or services.

The process includes strategic use of key words and phrases and making sure content is relevant and engaging. We monitor user experience to adjust your site for optimum performance.

SEO is an integrated ongoing part of your wider marketing strategy. It’s important, so you need to know it’s being looked after by a team with a flair for this work – that’s Anika Digital.

Choose the Service that suits your business

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Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Management - We’ll bring your social media to life, for long lasting brand impact.

Social Media can be a powerful tool to strengthen your brand, drive sales and keep in touch with customers. It can help you win new clients and enhance the relationship with existing ones. It contributes to SEO and helps you build a strong online presence.

In Social Media, consistency is key, and this is one of hardest things for businesses to maintain. That’s why we offer a choice of packages so you can make the most out of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter.

Social media – we’ll help you make business personal.

Social Media Setup

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Website Support & Maintenance - Once you’re up, we’ll keep you running.

Websites are like cars - even the best need regular maintenance. And occasionally things happen that are outside your control or ours. So we offer flexible support and maintenance packages to make sure your website’s always healthy, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

The web is a dynamic environment where standing still usually means falling behind. To avoid this, we make sure that your site is monitored regularly to ensure it’s always live and accessible. We, make sure it’s technically up to date and delivering the best possible user experience.

We also provide one-off support services for any business that gets caught out by a website problem.

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We design websites that people like to use: they look good and they work well. They’re tailored to our client’s unique requirements, so that’s the first thing we’ll clarify. Our design process is meticulous and well proven – and we never lose sight of what’s going to work best for you.
Phase 1

Initial Planning

Establish branding, style and overall design, with technical specifications – a roadmap for the project.
Phase 2


The first visuals, to get a good outline picture of the site’s structure and layout.
Phase 3


Mock-ups add colour and detail – a chance to discuss changes and possible future developments.

Phase 4

Content, Graphics and Additional Services

We develop graphics and add written *content, plus start on additional services like social media.
Phase 5


Simultaneously, we work on the technical side of the website, including setting up traffic analytics.
Phase 6


Our Quality Assurance team get to work testing your site’s performance and reliability.
Phase 7

Deployment & Optimisation

Once ready, we deploy the site on your public domain. with the option of your chosen monthly support plan.

*Please note content writing is not included.

What Our Clients Say

Anika Digital have been working with me since I set up my new business 18 months ago.  They have been fully supportive, very approachable and always full of ideas. I did opt for the fully managed package which includes both website and social media management.  My website is now getting a good amount of traffic and my Google ratings have increased.

Sue Parslow

Incredible service; very knowledgeable as well as friendly and communicative. Glad to have made this connection and hope to work with the agency in the long term.

Nikki Milovanovic

Highly recommended and very professional. Amazing level of support. Built both my websites.

Mohamed Jalloh

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