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Our e-commerce SEO experts are ready to assist you with the e-commerce website you own. Whether it is standalone or sells on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy- or both, we apply the best SEO practices to drive organic sales traffic to your business. 

With our service, cut your budget on ad spend, invite new and ready-to-buy customers, create effortless product listing, and observe the growth of your brand.

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This Is How We Do It E-Commerce SEO​

E-Commerce SEO Services That Get Products Found Online

Audit Your E-Commerce Site

Let us carry out an in-depth analysis of your E-commerce website and service. We will make sure to apply all the fundamentals of ranking factors of search engine algorithm and techniques to help claim your store its position in the highest on search engine platforms.   

Review Your Shop Design

The design & layout add to aesthetics and is an essential part of SEO. No one would want their customers to wander around confused or encounter difficulties. Our team of experts will review your shop design to determine if it is engaging enough, offers easy navigation, and is efficient enough to convert & generate sales with any product available.

Optimise Your Products

Learn if your products have the chance of ranking well on search engines. Let us help you with that.  

We will optimize every product along with their copy and creatives and create the opportunity to increase conversion rates and sales with every single click on the product.   

Optimisation of Category Page

Category pages are one of the fundamentals of online stores and allow effective and efficient navigation of customers around the store.   

Taking account of both users and SEO perspectives, our expert team will help you optimise the category pages to improve and grow conversion rates significantly. 

Introduce SEO Services to Your E-commerce Brand

Starting an online store may not require much- but generating sales, attracting consumers, and turning them into loyal customers need heaps of effort.   

We will make it easier for you! Let us introduce the talented & dedicated team of Anika Digital to assist you in maximising reach, making sufficient sales, and leading your store to a top-tier position. 

E-Commerce SEO Services

We, Anika Digital, is responsible for handling E-commerce SEO service for myriads of businesses globally.  

Our aim is to help boost sales, promote products’ position, making them visible on platforms such as Google through our experimented and powerful methods of E-commerce SEO plans. 

We ensure that our e-commerce SEO service will help any business increase its organic traffic, amplify sales, and that is for the long-term.   

E-Commerce SEO Services London
Grow with E-Commerce SEO Services

Observe Your Online Store Growth with E-commerce SEO

Are you perhaps missing crucial strategies of e-commerce SEO in your business? Keep in mind that it is not something that can be achieved through minimal effort.   

Here’s our team, the SEO experts you’ll need to boost your store’s online presence, grow sales, and rank high amidst your competition.  

Our assistance will be there as long as you need us. Do contact our team to help you apply the best SEO practices to your business.

E-Commerce SEO FAQ

E-commerce SEO is a process that allows the implementation of strategies to enhance the performance of your online store. With the right SEO plans, your products and store will be justly highlighted on the search engines result pages (SERPs) and make their way to the targeted customers.   

When you set up an online store, you do not want it to be idle but reach potential consumers that would buy your product and become loyal customers. Also, you need to stand out in the crowd among other competitors and claim yourself a prominent position in the search engines. For all these to happen, e-commerce SEO is a must. You can hire e-commerce SEO experts to assist you with the process. 

Since online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, it is vital to consider e-commerce SEO services to reach targeted customers and boost online sales. If you are one of the online store owners, you may already know how necessary it is to implement SEO strategies to survive the business and in the platform.

No matter if you are running your store locally or internationally, you must ensure that you work towards making your products and store visible to as many as consumers possible.

Keep in mind that you are not only the business owner in the online platform, but there are millions out there fighting to get to the top position.

If you are indifferent about your e-commerce SEO plans and do not feel the need to hire services, you may fall behind your competitors. You may lose your chance of displaying your product and service to the customers, which means that your business may experience an ultimate failure.

When setting up a store online, you are left with no choice but to apply e-commerce SEO to your business plan. Without SEO, you can hardly reach your targeted consumers, make profitable sales, and may significantly fail your business.  

With the right e-commerce SEO techniques, expect to increase the quality, the number of incoming traffic, and your position in the online platforms.  

Being indifferent to e-commerce SEO will make your business suffer. Your competitors are not sitting idle but trying hard to get visible and attract customers every single moment.   

The benefits you will see applying the right e-commerce SEO techniques are, 

  • Targeted customers will find your service website easily 
  • Obtain a profitable return against your investment  
  • Stand out in the crowd among other e-commerce business owners   
  • Attract more organic customers and turn them into your loyal buyers   
  • Applying e-commerce SEO is cost-effective 
E-commerce SEO service is a cost-effective process. Moreover, you will find that it costs less compared to a paid marketing strategy.

Now, how much an e-commerce SEO service may cost is ambiguous. There is no definite answer. Hiring e-commerce service fees vary depending on what is included in the process.

Data from 2020 shows that most small to mid-level businesses had to pay between $750-$5,000 per month. Again, a one-time project may cost between $1000-$30,000, while hiring an hourly-based consultant may cost you $100-$300 per hour.

Duplicate content is not considered harmful or illegal and is accepted by Google since multiple providers may sell the same products in their online stores. Indeed, you would not be penalised for including a product that other online stores may have, but make sure you create original content when displaying or advertising.   

It would be best to optimise your product content, be it a written document, image, or video. If you copy a to z, then there is a huge possibility that your duplicate product gets ignored by the search engines, or worse, your website may get overlooked.  

It is indeed a clever idea to include a blog in your e-commerce store. A blog helps you get an impression of a more content-driven business rather than being only product-driven.  

When you include a blog in your e-commerce store, you give valuable insights into the product. Consumers get to buy them and can better judge by reading your information and ideas on your products.  

Your website and blog may even get recommendations from many consumers, helping you drive more organic traffic and sales.  

Yes, site speed is one of the major factors in e-commerce. If you let your customers wait long to reach a product, it may frustrate them. No customers would love to see their page loading for minutes when shopping online.  

Ideally, an e-commerce website should take around 3 seconds or less when loading a page. However, on average, the time may go up to 7 seconds. Also, keep in mind that page loading speed is significant in website ranking.   

When you address the page speed issue, you will observe an immediate increase in,   

  • Length of time customers stays in your store 
  • The conversion rates get higher. Customers spending more time would be more likely to purchase your service or product   
  • Increased ranking on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs)

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