Create Brand Identity


Create A Brand Identity

From a business perspective, brand identity adds value to the company’s products. Brand identity provide right image to customers and affects the stock prices. Furthermore, it is a critical element of a company’s success, allowing it to survive in a highly competitive environment. As a result, the company provides excellent customer service and product quality.

What is Brand Identity?


Brand Identity

Companies use a set of various elements to develop a brand image.  Brand identity depicts the company mission, long-term goals, brand value proposition, and competitive position in the market. Furthermore, it is the collection of values and interests of the target audience. All these factors contribute to the branding and help the customer understand the company. Very often, these are the elements in the brand identity:

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1. A brand name

2. A tagline or slogan

3. A logo, watermark, or other variations

4. A voice and to

What Does Include in the Brand Identity?

The first step of brand identity is the clear brand message and position, representing the real purpose of your brand’s existence. Brand positioning relates to the use of products and more reliable options better than competitors. Defining this helps the business to generate a logo with an attractive colour palette and graphics. Another step is thorough market research that lets the company determine the people’s interests through communication. Generally, phone interviews are conducted for detailed discussion to take the consent of customers. 

Likewise, brand personality is an important thing that comes under the category of brand identity design. Lastly, Logo comes under the category of brand identity design that exposes your business.  

Develop & Create a Strong Brand Identity


Design and Develop Brand Identity

Many people consider brand building an easy task but it requires a lot of time and effort.  In the entire process of brand building, the critical step is to know about the target audience and the impact of the brand. Before starting a business, you should follow some steps to make it a success. Here are the following steps that companies should follow to develop and create a strong brand identity.

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Brand identity requires proper research about the market and other things. For this purpose, you can conduct customer surveys, product surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.

Research for you

Creating a brand identity requires research about the brand. In this step, you have to fully devote yourself to understanding the company and sharing the brand perception with the world. Similar to brand building, you are required to do plenty of research.  Make sure to ask simple questions and seek people opinions in detail. Furthermore, you can seek rational and emotional responses from customers.

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The business focuses on connecting as many customers as possible, but you have to connect with the ideal customers. They have the ability to maximize your brand’s profit. For this purpose, the best approach is to track those people and adopt different strategies to appeal to them.


When creating the brand, the important thing is to determine the competitors. Your rivals provoke you to make a better place in the market by raising the competition. They inspire you and helps you to avoid making the brand identity similar to others. 

Mission and vision

Your brand identity’s mission and vision statements are essential as they provide an overview of the brand. In this step, you have to begin with a vision statement and explore what you want to achieve in the short and long term. The vision statements of the brand include, 

  • What is the unique selling point of your brand? 
  • Where do you see your brand in the next ten years? 
  • What are the terms to describe your brand? 

After setting the vision statement, you have to explain the drive behind the company. The mission statement must be clear and concise, representing the value of your brand. 


After describing the terms and characteristics of the brand, the next time is the business personality, depicting everything you do. The business personality includes various colors and tones of voice in the blog posts and social media.

SWOT Analysis


SWOT Analysis

Sometimes, it becomes crucial for businesses to seek help from a professional brand agency. In this way, SWOT analysis is considered the best approach to complete the SWOT analysis, defining your brand’s position. The SWOT acronym stands for:


 It helps the business understand the strengths and how they can use them against competitors.


The business acquires this approach to know about the loose end in the business. Furthermore, it aids in determining the gaps. 


It explains the chances that can lead to success. 


It allows the business to determine the elements that may cause trouble to the business. 

Design & Develop Your Brand Identity


Design Brand Identity

At the start, your business needs focus as everyone is not aware of your business. In this step, you have to focus on different designs to build the brand identity. 


Typography holds an essential place in brand identity as it says a lot about your logo and colour. The typography shows the writing styles and allows the company to identify the target audience.

Colour Palette:

Using the right colour at the correct times is the crucial element of brand identity. You have to come up with the right colour as it can impact the reputation and customer perception of the brand. 


Fonts act as a powerful tool, so customizing certain elements may help cultivate a unique brand identity. Millions of fonts are present that can grasp the attention of the general public.


When creating brand identity, the use of language is crucial. You have to choose the tone that best suits the brand personality. If your business is sophisticated, you should use professional language. But, if the main target of the business is the young audience, then you must acquire the informal tone.

Logo Design:


Logo Design to develop brand identity

Logo act as the most significant part of your brand identity, representing all aspects of your business. Logs and colour palette goes hand in hand with the brand identity. The colour palette in the logo design provokes emotion, so consider choosing it wisely. Always ensure to choose the colours that can connect with your logo.

Website Design:

Develop Brand with Website Design

Across the marketing platform, the website design is essential to create continuity and help your brand to grow. In this case, you should use the web elements such as colours, written and imaginary elements to help the audience understand the brand.

Email Design:

Usually, brands use messaging approach to convey messages to the general audience. In this aspect, language plays a vital role as it depicts the specific tagline. Using professionally grounded language in emails are considered the best approach to communicate with people.

Product Packages:

Product packaging is an essential element that attracts potential customers. A good product design improves the customer experience and increases sales. 

Business Cards and Documents:

Business cards are an important element for business development. Creating well-designed cards provide the chance to gather positive feedback from the customers. However, it is crucial to keep the business card design simple, with the logo on one side and business information on the other. 

Build Brand Awareness

Strategic communication provokes brand marketing by bringing awareness to products and adding value. Various digital marketing activities build brand awareness, such as user experience, social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, SEO, and content marketing. All these factors are essential for raising brand awareness and growth. 

Website User Experience:

User experience allows the business to determine the needs, values, and abilities of the customers. In this way, it helps the business to adopt the necessary changes that can benefit them.  

SEO and Content Marketing:


SEO and Content Marketing

SEO is the technical procedure of increasing site traffic, leading to maximum visitors. Your business should acquire the SEO approach as it can help to target a specific audience. However, content marketing focuses on relevant and valuable content to grab the attention of profitable customers.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing for improving Brand Identity

Various businesses use social media apps for advertising their products. Social media act as the platform to engage the existing customers and reach new ones. 

Email marketing:

Email marketing is used to build brand awareness. It is considered to send commercial messages to a specific group of people, including sales, special discounts, new offers etc. 

Paid Advertisement:

In a paid advertisement, you advertise your business through specific methods, including media advertisement. Paid advertisement demands the money, settled through the bidding procedure between the ad space owner and marketers.

Strong Brand Identity Examples

Brand identity makes the visualization of your brand more prominent through a bunch of elements listed above. Any brand asset is related to the brand identity, representing the core values.


In 2014, PayPal got the brand identity through the fuse project. Currently, PayPal has acquired an innovative design that reflects digital payment. The brand identity includes a strong monogram, bolder wordmark, vibrant colour, and dynamic angles. All these things together increase the perception of trust and innovation of the brand. Lastly, the logo of PayPal is placed on the credit card readers, aligning the brand identity followed through the physical and digital products.


Coca-cola takes us back to the ancient times of 1886, and the brand identity has been improved ever since. Who would have thought that coca-cola could be this popular due to its bright red and white colour? The vibrant colours of coca-cola have a recognizable typeface. A few years back, coca-cola has added the iconic polar bear to the mix that grasps millions of people’s attention. Currently, the brand is famous for its innovative design and attractive packaging.


No one can deny the strong brand image of an apple, perceiving the consciousness of many people. The main focus of apple is the minimalism that makes it a famous brand. Apple brand identity depicts secrecy, lifestyle and status. Furthermore, they keep all the latest news about their products under a wrap.

Thing to Avoid to Build Brand Identity

Building brand identity is not as easy as it seems. It requires the completion of various steps. Furthermore, you have to avoid several things to build the brand identity. Some of them you should avoid are listed below:

Never provide your audience mixed messages:

A brand must know what to say at the correct times. The use of appropriate languages and visuals make it easy for the business to attract the target market. If your brand identity has no particular meaning, then you are wasting your time. Try to come up with attractive slogans and messages to attract more potential customers.

Never copy your rivals:

Even though a business has to know about the competitors, it doesn’t mean they should copy it. Since your competitors are selling the same brand, you have to notice every single thing. Always come up with the best tactics to stay ahead of the rivals. In this way, you can be successful.

Never lose track between online and offline:

In offline branding, networking is the best to spread the word about the brand. Furthermore, you get the option to speak with people face-to-face. Compared to that, online branding allows reaching the target audience on small budgets.

Monitor and Maintain Your Brand Identity

A key performance metric is essential to determine the marketing prospect. Building brand identity without performance metrics can create trouble for businesses. A business should conduct surveys, google analytics and social media discussions to determine the people interests. Furthermore, it allows the company to know about the positive and negative talks regarding the brand. Looking into these things helps the brand bring innovative and positive change by correcting the mistakes and improving the brand identity.

Steps to Maintain Brand Identity

Create design guidelines:

The monitoring of brand identity requires proper design guidelines. In the guideline procedure, you have to hire a person with in-depth knowledge about logo design, brand colours, images and typography. All these visualizing elements make a brand identity coherent.

Establish tone and voice guidelines:

Apart from the design, brand identity must have a voice and tone. Similar to the design guidelines, it is crucial to write about your brand. The guidelines are easy to understand as they provide the For the proper plan, you can hire writers to eliminate grammatical and technical errors. Furthermore, you should include the appropriate examples to represent the right tone. In this case, the market approach can reach maximum people, increasing the sales of the brand.

Design consistently:

In the brand identity, consistency holds a considerable place, making it compulsory to reinforce. Formal meetings and informing the customers about the brand are essential parts of branding. Designing consistently represent the company interaction in specific ways. If you are already following the brand design guidelines, it may not look challenging to you. Social media is a crucial element for the digital market. Thus, the business should follow the design consistently guidelines with the marketing strategies to increase sales.

Create go to email templates:

Email is essential for maintaining the brand identity, but it must remain specific to emails only. For this purpose, the business should create an email template set with plenty of template designs. The three steps of creating an email template are listed below:

  • Build a list of email types you want to send.
  • Develop a template for each email type.
  • Choose the emails from the template and send it. 

Final Words

Undoubtedly, brand identity is an essential step for the business to be meaningful. People like to follow a brand that has attractive visualizing elements. Furthermore, various steps explained above allow the business to create a unique brand identity. Businesses should follow all these steps carefully as the minor problem can lead to the company’s downfall. Lastly, monitoring and maintaining brand identity is significant to attract customers as it drives engagement and customers’ sales.

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