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Having visibility and an influential digital presence is vital if you plan to introduce your products or services globally. It is when international SEO becomes mandatory.

Anika digital is the global SEO expert prepared to help you reach the worldwide platform through the best international SEO practices.

Our international SEO teams proved their expertise and competencies by successfully implementing international SEO for many companies. Our strategy combines planning, critical thinking, sufficient background research and our best effort in obtaining the most satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

International SEO Agency London

International SEO Agency

Who needs an international SEO service? The ones who want their business to get acknowledged to global audiences and stand out in the competitive market.   

SEO techniques help reach the brand to organic audiences hence boosting their online presence in search engine ranking. International SEO does the same; the only difference is that it helps search engines identify the region and language you target specifically apart from your host country. 

Benefits of International SEO Services

Some primary benefits you’ll obtain from applying International SEO strategy are,

  • Get exposure to other countries apart from your host country.
  • Increase the visibility of your products and services.
  • Your service gets recognized by your targeted global audiences.
  • You will have vivid insights into your business strategy.
  • It will help you get organic visitors.
  • Observe an overall growth in your business.
  • Assist you in ranking high in the global market.
  • Analyse and outrank your competitors.

Our International SEO Strategy

Before optimising, our target would be to audit your website to understand it better and identify issues. We can thus clearly determine the right international SEO practices to help your website rank high and create improved user experiences.

You do not want your keyword research to go in vain. Simply translating them when applying international SEO techniques may not bring the perfect outcome. We, therefore, encourage the use of languages & idioms of the region you targeted to make the keywords sound more natural.

For a successful global SEO performance, it is crucial that you present a site structure that speaks international standards. Taking this into consideration, we will help you build something that is creative, appropriate & appeals to global audiences.

Link building is excellent; however, it must be relevant. Our expert team will help you build links that match each page’s content. For instance, the Spanish links should be on your Spanish pages, while the French links should be on the French pages.

Competitor Analysis

We will help you identify competitors with the similar exporting target as yours and those seeking global and local competition against you. It will assist you in locating your perfect niches as well as the target audiences.

Through this approach, we will make a complete on-page review of your international pages. It will provide insights into the content and images you have adapted into your site to attract international audiences. We also comply with the privacy standard and security of the target regions.

Why Choose Us for International SEO

How’s Anika digital different in terms of applying international SEO plans for you?  Our effort is to identify the perfect strategies that best suits your website and service.

We will audit, find out the existing or past errors, communicate, and analyse your competitor. It will help us get a proper insight into the most appropriate approaches to bring out the best by applying international SEO to your website.

Our target is not confined to giving you mere exposure in the global market but to helping you stand out in the competitive industry.

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“Incredible service; very knowledgeable as well as friendly and communicative. Glad to have made this connection and hope to work with the agency in the long term.”

Nikki Milovanovic

“Anika Digital have been working with me since I set up my new business 18 months ago. They have been fully supportive, very approachable and always full of ideas. I did opt for the fully managed package which includes both website and social media management. My website is now getting a good amount of traffic and my Google ratings have increased.”

Sue Parslow
“Highly recommended and very professional. Amazing level of support. Built both my websites.”  

Mohamed Jalloh
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