Link Building for SEO 2022

Link Building for SEO

A link building is considered an excellent approach to build one-way hyperlinks or backlinks to improve search engine visibility. It allows the business to boost sales and get high business returns with the help of search engine rankings. Link building in SEO drives organic traffic. Ideally, acquiring link building strategy is considered the best approach. Several organizations take help from the link-building services that improve their search engine ranking. Remarkable link-building SEO strategies include content marketing, broken link building, building valuable tools, public relations, and email outreach. 

Link Building

What is Link Building?

Link building allows the web pages to link with each other through acquiring hyperlinks from the various websites and apply them to their site. Nowadays, the concept of link building is great for marketing, and organization develops this strategy to get long term advantages. Furthermore, link building drives organic traffic through search engines in the competitive marketplace. 

What is Nofollow and Dofollow Links?

When linking the website with the other website, two options are present. The first is the dofollow link, while the other is the nofollow link. Both Nofollow & Dofollow Links options have the same goal and link the origin site with the destination site. In the dofollow link, the origin site is connected to the destined site through SEO. Furthermore, dofollow backlinks improve the website domain and keyword ranking. However, nofollow links don’t pass authority. Moreover, they don’t allow linking of the origin website to the destined webpage through SEO. 

Importance of Link Building?

Importance of Link Building

Many people are unaware of the importance of link building, and they suffer various challenges. Link building is considered the critical aspect of SEO services that allow the search engines to discover new web pages and determine the ranking. The primary purpose of web admins is to improve the site ranking through building high-quality content that users want to see and share. For this purpose, the organization must focus on earning links that users want to share. If you wish your website to rank on Google, link building is essential with On-page SEO and optimisation, site loading speed, and user-friendly elements. Thus, the importance of link building is immense for organizations and marketers. 

Increase Rank

Link building is the essential element on every search engine, allowing the web pages and content to rank. Mainly, people focus on clicking the three searches that come on top of the search engine. Some website provides valuable information to people, and they link the website automatically. In most cases, it only happens when people know about your sites. If you want your website to rank, determine the importance of link building and put effort into it. 

Drive More & Quality Traffic

Link building boosts the website traffic, and it could only be possible through acquiring the backlinks. It increases organic traffic, improves search ranking, and builds a better relationship, allowing customers to pay more. When your web page ranks on Google, your website gets more clicks, leading to high organic traffic. Another important thing is to place the links on the relevant pages and sites to increase referral traffic.

Brand Exposure

Another great benefit of link building is to create brand awareness. Link-building campaigns increase brand awareness as customers look for convenience and reliability. When you get quality sites to link to your domain, it helps you increase the organic and branded traffic as awareness diverts the attention. As a result, the search volume increases ten-fold. 

Visibility on SERP

When your webpage ranks on search engines, it increases the visibility of your content. More people like to visit your site and page, increasing organic traffic and providing more visibility to other customers. The importance of link building is immense as it offers various benefits to marketers. 

Types of Link Building

Types of Link Building for SEO

In the past, the overall strategy of link building was considered super easy. Nowadays, link building is all about earning the link by high-quality content and acquiring the techniques to trick Google. In recent years, several changes have come, but the goal of link building is still the same. Several types of link-building strategies allow the website to rank and get organic traffic.

Some types of link building are listed below:

Internal Links

On the same domain, internal links go from one page to another page. The primary purpose of internal links is the main navigation and is used for three reasons. For instance, they allow the users to develop the information hierarchy for the specific website. Furthermore, they aid in the ranking power of different websites. 

Editorial Links

The website that has good marketing techniques and quality content is the editorial link. When the public engages in your content, the editorial link develops automatically. An editorial link is unpaid and is an integral part of a strong link profile.

Media and Press Links

Press releases and media are a great way to develop incorporated backlinks. However, they must be carefully implemented as they can cause more harm, leading towards penalties. 

Niche Profile Backlinks

Profile backlinks and niche backlinks come under the category of target advertisement. They are associated with the specific area and reach the target audience. Also, it doesn’t waste your money and time on non-converting traffic. In the first step, you have to determine your niche and website goals. Then, you have to understand the niche backlinks and how you can obtain them. 

Links from Competitors

Every website has competitors, and determining competitor sites can be of great help. If you are unaware of your competitors, creating a job board or thorough research is considered the best approach. 

Forum Profile Links

It is a great idea to build links on the relevant site and are worth time and money. If the forum permits the dofollow links, it can be of great help. When posting on the forum, your original website gets automatically linked to the end of the post.

Social Media Links

Linking the original website with the social media profiles can drive organic traffic. Many social media platforms are considered to be the practical approach that drives organic traffic. Some social media platform includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc. 

Local Citation

Local citations are considered as the linked or unlinked mentions of your company. In addition, it includes the business information, contact numbers, and your website name. It improves the ranking of your webpage and drives organic traffic. A typical example of a local citation is the business listing on Yelp.

Niche Industry Directories

Industry directories are online directories or business directories that are easy to build links and drive traffic towards the site. Several types of online directories are present, including business listings, niche directories, and local listings.

Ebook Links

Many people seek help from the EBook, so writing an eBook and adding links can be of great help. However, writing an entire book is a time-consuming task, so that you can take help from the editor. 

Local News Site

Adding links to the local news site is a good strategy, but focusing on your local area is essential. 

Guest Posts

In the guest blogging post, you can publish your content to the relevant niche to get featured. Also, including anchor text with relevant content in the text body can boost your website ranking. 

Google Business Profile

It is an exciting way of adding backlinks to your GMB entity. Under the website section on the sidebar, you can find it. Furthermore, it engages your audience and builds backlinks to GMB. Google My Business also helps to improve your local SEO.


Infographics are appealing and exhibit exciting information about a specific topic. The reader skims through it and makes an opinion. Good infographics can cause the content to go viral by generating high-quality backlinks.

Questions & Answer Sites

You can visit the sites like Quora and Reddit and provide answers to the questions related to your website. By answering the section, you can drop the link to your website.

Link from Videos

Before making videos, you need to make a proper plan and do thorough research. You can add the link to your relevant site to the videos. People watching the video will click on your link that will lead to increase traffic.


Creating slides and posting content into these slides is considered a practical approach. Ensure to add KTs and a link for slides optimization.


When a famous influencer or blogger comments on your products or services in your relevant Industry, people are eager to try the products.

Blog Commenting

In blog commenting, you can add the message in the comment section and provide your opinion. It is the simplest way of link building as anyone reading the comment can click on the link and reach your site.

It involves the process of reaching people and getting a click on the website. Search for broken links and reach out to web admins and offer value to them.

How to Get Quality Backlinks?


The link-building strategy is considered the standard approach to gain a quality link back to the website and improve the search engine ranking. Over the internet, several approaches help to create quality links. In the entire process of link building, you can plan, organize and implement it. As a result, it helps to manage, optimize and track your links. Making the right plan is essential as it improves the significant business returns and improves search engine ranking.

Page Authority

The page authority allows the page to rank on the search engines. The higher page authority provides more benefits to your websites. It depends on various factors such as age and trust, the last update, and the amount of value from links. A good track record of the page allows it to rank. Internal and external factors highly influence page authority. Furthermore, search engines prefer the sites that keep on updating the stuff.

Website Domain Authority

In the SEO concept, website authority refers to the process of providing strength to a specific domain. Site authority is known to be the trusted site. It is considered the domain authority of the website that describes the relevant and specific area of industry.

Relevancy of the Website

Google understands your website through recognizing the links. The relevant link on your website allows Google to identify your business. Also, it allows Google to know about your business and services. In the process of website relevancy, your website must link to the relevant business or niche. Getting a link from the high-ranking page is valuable. Make sure to get links from the authority sites closely related to your site.

Domain Age

The domains having a good track record are likely to earn a high ranking. Compared to old domains, the new domains have to earn the strips by letting the domain age. The new domains need to write good content and earn high-quality links.

Root Domain

Link root domains are the unique domains that link to your page or domain. Sometimes, the multiple backlinks from a single domain are gathered and counted as one linking root domain. In marketing, the root domain is the significant factor in tracking the website’s high-quality links point. The ranking factor affects the content and increases the ranking of the search results.

Competitors Backlink Profile Analyse to Get Links

It is essential to look for your competitor and make a list of them. Make a listing about backlinks from the competitors and determine the building strategy your competitor has been using for a specific link. This type of approach can benefit marketers.

Position of the Links

Link position represents the location of the link present on a page. It can be in different areas such as navigation, footer, and sidebar. A common understating about the link helps to recognize and fix the problematic link such as redirect, broken link, and jump link.

Anchor Text

In a hyperlink, anchor text is known to be clickable text. Under SEO practices, anchor text shows the relevant linking page. Usually, is the underlined text in blue colour linked to the webpage. Html code allows to change the colour and to underline. A keyword in the anchor text is the essential factor that search engines use to determine the webpage topic. Also, the anchor text is known as the link title, and the word in these anchor texts allows the webpage to rank.

Editorially Placed Links

When someone links to your website, it is known as the editorial link. Google appreciates the site having editorially placed links.

Link Building Factors

Link Building Factors

Backlinks are an essential part of website ranking. You can perform thorough research to determine the link-building factors to improve your ranking on search engines. Learning about several factors about on-site and off-SEO can highly impact your website ranking. The top link building factors include,

  • Several links from root domains.
  • Link diversity.
  • Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).
  • Domain age of linking website.
  • Links from Separate Class-C IPs.
  • Anchor text.
  • Paid links.


Final Words

Without a doubt, link building allows web pages to rank on search engines. Many organizations and markets adopt link-building strategies and factors to drive the referral and organic traffic that increase site authority. Lastly, the site having more backlinks results in high rankings.

If you would like to discuss your link building strategy, do not hesitate to contact Anika Digital. We are happy to help!

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