E-Commerce Websites in UK

Top E-Commerce Websites in UK

In recent years the contribution of E-commerce has increased exponentially. The growth of e-commerce business revenue is not showing any sign to slow down in upcoming years as well. The United Kingdom is also passing through the surge in E-commerce business traffic.  Over the past decade, there has been a thriving growth in the E-commerce business in the UK. Do you know about the top E-Commerce webites in UK? Let’s get into the detail of this topic.

E-Commerce Websites UK

Top 13 E-Commerce Sites in UK

The number of E-Commerce Websites in UK is huge. However, most of them in most cases are small in size. For this reason, they are hardly in the leading position. Now we will figure out which companies are on the top of the list. Let’s check out the top 13 Ecommerce websites in the United Kingdom:

1. Amazon UK

Amazon Logo

Like almost all other countries, Amazon is at the top of the UK E-commerce site list. Amazon UK as expected is ranked number one in the list of Top E-Commerce site UK.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Amazon:  The monthly traffic of Amazon UK has seen a surge because of the COVID-19 situation. The acceleration is continuing since last year. Let’s discuss the traffic ratio of Amazon UK in detail.

Total Traffic: The total traffic of Amazon UK has been drastically large. The number of people who visited Amazon UK in December 2022 was 402.3M.

Direct Traffic: The biggest number of traffic came from direct sources. Approximately 292.40M people visited Amazon UK.

Search Traffic: The second-largest number of people who surfed Amazon UK happened to be search traffic which is around 74.20M.

Social Media: The social media traffic to Amazon UK was 5.70M in January. Their brand value and social media marketing strategies had a huge contribution to it. The traffic came mostly from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

Referral Traffic: Some other relevant websites that practice e-commerce SEO to rank their websites in the UK market also added huge traffic to Amazon UK. And the number is roughly 26.60M.

Paid Advertising: The number of traffic that came from paid advertising was around 3.40M.

As a leading E-commerce site in the UK Amazon got this number of traffic from the above-mentioned sources. The number is increasing every month. Hope Amazon UK will be thriving as it has been in these years.

2. eBay UK

Ebay Logo

eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the UK. Established in 1995 eBay has become one of the Best E-Commerce websites in UK in recent times.

Platform used: To build the eBay website the developers used Khoros CMS. It provides the best customer experience. Khoros CMS is well known for community branding, social marketing, and E-commerce website development.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of eBay: Here is the estimated monthly traffic of eBay. As the demand for e-commerce is increasing, we have noticed an increase in the traffic ratio of eBay.

Total Traffic: A huge amount of traffic visited eBay to do their online shopping in January 2022. The amount was approximately 283.40M. Let’s observe which sources contributed to this traffic drive.

Direct Traffic: With 108.80M visitors the contribution of direct traffic is in the first place. Other sources of eBay traffic are way behind this source.

Search Traffic:  The number of people who visited eBay from search traffic was around 39.70M.

Social Media: The contribution of Social media is as much as 5.10M. And they came mostly from YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Referral Traffic: The referral traffic that eBay received from other related websites was 126.50M.

ADS Traffic: Many a visitor browsed eBay in the month of August who came from Ads. The number is estimated as 3.20M.



ASOS is one of the biggest online websites. The name ASOS means As Seen On Screen as they sold mainly the imitations of the TV screen popular beauty and fashion products.  Established in 2000 the company primarily focuses on young customers. In terms of traffic flow, it is the 3rd largest e-Commerce Website in UK.

Platform used: E-commerce site build requires a platform. ASOS website is built on Next.js platform. It has several benefits. It does not load unnecessary Javascript and CSS. So, the page loads faster. The user also does not need to download CSS and Javascript that is not required for a particular page.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of ASOS: Though focused mainly on young adults ASOS saw a decent amount of traffic in January 2022. The sources and the number of people who visited ASOS are given below.

Total Traffic: The traffic flow on this site was among the top listed sites in the UK. Almost 51.40M people visited this site in January 2022.

Direct Traffic:  No other fashion-specific e-commerce website has seen such a traffic drive like this. The number is jaw-dropping. It is 24.70M in just one month.

Search Traffic:  The closest source of traffic is search traffic. With 9.20MM number of people, it stands in the 2nd position as a traffic source.

Social Media:  Social Media Marketing Service helps any website to generate traffic from social media platforms. ASOS got 1.20M visitors from Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Referral Traffic: Some related websites also helped to get a huge amount of traffic for ASOS. The number is 13.30M per month.

ADS Traffic: Another source that worked well behind driving traffic to this site is ads. The campaigns and ads generated 3.00M traffic.

4. Argos

Argos Logo

Argos sells more than 60000 products on both their ecommerce website and in-store. Therefore it is one of the most promising digital retailers in the UK.

Platform used: For E-commerce sites build the platform that Argos uses is HCL Commerce. To give the visitor a new level of customer experience this platform is very efficient. Here.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Argos: The digital retailer of the UK Argos has had a pretty good amount of visitors in January 2022. Here are the numbers in detail.

Total Traffic: The entire number of people that browsed this website was 71.70M in number in the month of  January– 2022. The traffic did not come from any single source. Rather the sources were diversified like this. The popularity of Argos played a role here.

Direct Traffic: The number of people who landed on Argos from direct sources without using any referral links is their direct traffic. The estimated number is as much as 32.70M.

Search Traffic: Search traffic is the biggest traffic contributor to Argos. People came here by searching is 11.90M.

Social Media: Because of social Media Marketing Service, social media platforms play an important role in driving traffic to all kinds of e-commerce websites. It is 874.9K. Top social media contributors are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Referral Traffic: Argos also received close to one million visitors from referral websites. The webs because of their  21.50M.

ADS Traffic: Another huge contributor. Argos got 4.80M visitors from the ad campaign.

5. Tesco

TESCO - Leading E-Commerce Website in UK

Tesco has more than 400,000 staff which makes it the leading e-commerce website in the UK. It is currently delivering to more than a million customers every month in the store and online.

Platform used: The site of Tesco is custom Developed website which makes it easier for them to identify the target audience. It is better when you know your website’s functionalities. When you need to  E-commerce site build you should know how it works. A custom-developed platform enables Tesco to have control over how the website will function for them.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Tesco: Tesco receives web traffic from direct, search, social media, referral, and ads campaign. Let’s see the numbers below.

Total Traffic: Tesco’s traffic was more than 41 million. To be exact the total traffic flow of January 2022 was 31.70M.

Direct Traffic: The number of visitors of Tesco came mainly from two sources. One of them is direct source.  Without any reference Tesco got 16.20M. It is almost half of its total traffic.

Search Traffic: The second source is organic search. This is larger than the direct source in terms of traffic contribution. Search traffic consists of the people who came to visit Tesco from organic search. Tesco gets 7.60M visitors from this sector.

Social Media: For Tesco social media has slightly lesser influence. Only 352.2K visitors come from the top social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest.

Referral Traffic: Different websites also drove some of their visitors to Tesco. They helped by giving redirect links that took people to Tesco. And the number of people who came here with that referral is 6.9M.

ADS Traffic: Ads are also helping Tesco to get a decent amount of traffic every month. The number is approximately 757.8K.

6. M&S

M&S Online Cloth Shop in United Kingdom

With a promise to bring quality in food, homeware, and clothing M&S has become one of the highly valued retailers around the world. This British retailer has garnered a huge amount of traffic and great respect as an Online Cloth Shop UK.

Platform used: The M&S website is built on the HCL commerce platform. HCL commerce does help end-to-end digital eCommerce. That’s why M&S trusted this platform for their e-commerce site build.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of M&S: The monthly traffic of this renowned company is humungous in number. Several sources helped to gain this traffic. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Total Traffic: The estimated total traffic of January 2022 was 24.50M. The data shows that the traffic flow came from direct. Search, social media, referral, and ads. Here is the segmented details.

Direct Traffic:  The number of people who visited M&S in January 2022 came from direct sources. And the number is around 12.7M.

Search Traffic: Search traffic contributes the biggest number of traffic for M&S. About 4.80M people are search traffic.

Social Media:  Top social media platforms that generate huge traffic for M&S are Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Approximately 407.5K people browsed M&S from social media.

Referral Traffic: About 5.40M people visited the website from referral websites.

ADS Traffic: The contribution of the ads campaign is around 1.10M traffic in August.


ASDA Online Super Store

Ever since its foundation in the 1960s, Asda has been one of the leading retailers in the UK market. Asda has a strong network to serve the customers. They operate their business from their stores of the different supermarkets, superstore, supercenters, living stores, etc. Online Shopping in UK happens on a large scale at Asda.

Platform used: ASDA used multiple platforms to develop their website. To make it more efficient and customer-friendly besides being custom-developed, they used Adobe Scene 7 and Salesforce. ASDA’s E-commerce site build focuses on providing the best customer experience.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of ASDA: From different sources, millions of traffic visit ASDA every month. The common sources are direct, social media, search result page, referral, and ad traffic. Let’s get into the detail of traffics of ASDA.

Total Traffic: In August 2021, the total traffic of ASDA was approximately 28.20M. This number of people visited ASDA who came from multiple other sources.

Direct Traffic: The number of direct traffic was roughly 14.10M. This source goes to the top of the list as usual.

Search Traffic: With around 5.40M traffic in August, search traffic comes at the second position.

Social Media: Nearly half of the total traffic of ASDA comes from direct and search sources. The rest of the traffic comes from other sources like social media, referrals, and ads. Almost 380.8K people visited from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, VKontakte.

Referral Traffic: The referral traffic of ASDA was nearly 6.60M.

ADS Traffic: Ads contributed a decent amount of traffic which is about 1.60M.

8. Currys PC World

currys pc world - Online Computer Shop

Currys PC World is a business concern of  Currys. This is the major retailer of electrical and telecommunication items in Europe. Besides providing high-quality products they also provide expert advice to the buyers. As a result, it has become a trustworthy online PC Shop.

Platform used: Currys PC world website was custom developed which enables the website to make a change without coding.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Currys PC Build: Different sources generated huge traffic for Currys PC World. They got traffic from search engines, ads, social media platforms, and other sources as well.

Total Traffic: In January 2022, the total traffic of Currys PC World crossed 38 million. To be exact the number was 38.30M. Here is a description of the area that the traffic came from.

Direct Traffic:  Almost 15.80M people visited Currys PC World from direct search. That’s an enormous number.

Search Traffic: The number of people who browsed Currys PC World using search engine results is 8.40M.

Social Media: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Facebook messenger produced 261.7K visitors for Currys PC World.

Referral Traffic: Some other relevant websites referred to Currys PC World which got them 10.90M visitors.

ADS Traffic: Ad campaign also is a good contributor. It helped to garner 2.80M traffic.

9. Gumtree

Gumtree - Online Shopping website

Two friends founded this company with a vision of providing everything people need for settling down in a new city. Since the 2000’s it has been in a leading position as a classified Online Shopping Site.

Platform used: The website used a Custom Developed platform. Node.js enables them to become a dynamic website.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Gumtree: Gumtree received a decent amount of traffic from various sources. Mainly Gumtree got the traffics from search engine results, ads, social media, and other platforms. Some websites also helped it to get this traffic.

Total Traffic:  As an output of the popularity of Gumtree it got a total of 31.70M people as visitors in January 2022. Traffic.

Direct Traffic: Almost half of the traffic came from direct sources. Roughly 15.90M visitors landed directly on Gumtree.

Search Traffic: The second biggest contribution of traffic to Gumtree is search traffic. Around  7.50M people came from search traffic.

Social Media:  Social media also had a decent contribution. About 707.9K people visited Gumtree who came from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp Webapp, and Reddit.

Referral Traffic: 7.20M visitors surfed Gumtree from other related sites.

ADS Traffic:  343.1K people came here because of the ad campaign.

10. Screwfix

SCREWFIX - Home Appliance Ecommerce Website

Screwfix focuses on home appliances that assist the customers to get their job easily and quickly. They have stores in more than 10 countries. In the UK it has 714 stores nationwide that offer more than 11000 products. Therefore it is considered one of the best eCommerce sites.

Platform used: Oracle Commerce is the platform that Screwfix used to build its website.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Screwfix: Search engines, social media, ads, and other platforms drove a good amount of traffic to this website. Here is a detailed description of it.

Total Traffic: The total traffic of Screwfix is not very far from the website that is ranked ahead of it. The number is 30.00M in January 2022.

Direct Traffic: Of all the traffic that visited Screwfix in January 2022 were from different sources. One of those is a direct source. It generated 14.20M traffic.

Search Traffic: For Screwfix, the biggest contributor is search traffic. With 6.50M traffic, it is at the top of the contributors.

Social Media: Around 191.6K people visited Screwfix who came from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp web app, Pinterest, etc.

Referral Traffic: The related sites that drove traffic are also significant. They generated 7.00M visitors for Screwfix.

ADS Traffic: The ads they displayed in different mediums helped Screwfix to get 2.10M people on their website.

11. John Lewis

John Lewis - Fashion E-Commerce site

John Lewis is one of the most renowned department stores in the UK. This company sells employee-owned merchandise throughout great Britain. It is a top eCommerce Site that focuses on providing products at a low price to compete with others.

Platform used: John Lewis uses the Kibo Commerce platform for website building. It helps John Lewis to target its audiences, manage workflows, intelligent order routing, and merchandising, etc.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of John Lewis: John Lewis is one of the most popular eCommerce sites. So, there is a high volume of traffic every month. The traffic as expected comes from various sources.

Total Traffic: The overall traffic of John Lewis was 29.40M in January 2022. Most of this came from search traffic, then direct, and other sources.

Direct Traffic: Direct traffic amount is 11.90M for John Lewis. It ranks second position as the traffic contributor to John Lewis.

Search Traffic: More than 22.50% of the traffic for John Lewis came from this source. It is as much as 6.50M.

Social Media: Social media nowadays generates huge traffic for every business. With 390.1K visitors social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, are on the top of the list.

Referral Traffic: Many other relevant websites drive at least 8.70M traffic.

ADS Traffic: The display ads generated a good amount of traffic for John Lewis.  It is around 2.00M.

12. Next

next logo - online sports shop

Next is one of the leading e-commerce websites. It sells products for boys, girls, men, women, and babies. It also sells sports products.

Platform used: Next built its website on Kibo Commerce. Its advanced audience targeting helps Next to target its target customer easily.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Next: As Next brings diversified products to the table, it becomes of the leading retailers. So, it is expected that the traffic flow will be convincing.

Total Traffic: Different sources are continuously driving traffic to Next. So, it received 20.80M traffic in total.

Direct Traffic: A large share of traffic came from direct traffic. The amount is nearly 11.50M.

Search Traffic: The largest share of traffic is 4.30M which came from search results.

Social Media: Social media traffic is a significant contributor these days. Social media presence can generate a large amount of traffic. For Next it was 387.9K. They came mostly from  YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Referral Traffic: Next got 4.00M visitors from referral websites that suggested Next in some way or other.

ADS Traffic: The marketing campaign including ads also helped Next to generate 499.8K visitors that browsed the website.

13. Boots

Boots - beauty and health retailers E-Commerce Website in the UK

Boots is one of the leading beauty and health retailers in the UK. Boots has more than 2300 stores that are working to make people feel good about their looks. It aims at becoming people’s first choice of pharmacy, beauty, and health.

Platform used: Boots used HCL Commerce for their website. It gives them a dynamic and user-friendly website.

Estimated Monthly Traffic of Boots: Boots online stores are getting a decent amount of traffic from diversified sources. Such as search engine results, ads, social media, etc. are generating traffic for Boots.

Total Traffic: The pharma-led health and beauty-focused e-commerce site got almost 18.20M traffic. The whole traffic came mostly from direct, search, social media, referrals, and ads.

Direct Traffic: The amount of direct traffic is close to 8.80M. With this amount of traffic, it is the second-largest contributor.

Search Traffic: Search traffic is the biggest source for Boots. It drove 4.10M people to this website.

Social Media:  267.8K people visited Boots from their social media profiles. YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, are some of the social media platforms that helped mostly.

Referral Traffic: 4.00M people came here by getting referred by some related websites.

ADS Traffic: For Boots, ad traffic is pretty bigger in number when we compare it with other sources. 1.00M people surfed Boots as a result of successful campaigning.


Day by day the transaction of online product sales are increasing exponentially. Every other product and service is shifting online which caused a huge surge in online business because it is easy to shop online from the comfort of your home as well as a necessity due to the global pandemic. While grabbing this opportunity to reach out to the maximum number of consumers some companies are able to take the maximum market share while some others have to be satisfied with a small share. Amazon UK has been at the top of the list in this regard. The rest of the companies I have discussed above also have a decent share in the UK market.

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An eCommerce website is a kind of website that enables people to buy or sell digital or tangible products and services online.

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